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A Retreat Just For The Two Of You
About our Private Couples Retreats...

Why Couples Choose our Intensive Couples Counseling Retreat

Posted on: March 1st, 2017 by CoupleEnrichment 4 Comments

In our 17 years working together as marriage and couples co-therapists, we have observed that clients who begin therapy intensively progress more quickly and retain more from the counselling experience.

Our move to the country, north of Toronto, Ontario, over 12 years ago, gave us an ideal place for intensive therapy. Our clients — one couple at a time — enjoy the peace and tranquility of a serene country setting. Here we can create a safe and secure space for them to begin the process of relationship renewal. And they have plenty of time to relax, and to explore the area, when they are not in session with us.

Intensive couples counseling is for you if:

  • your relationship is at a standstill
  • you have been yearning for more closeness and intimacy
  • you are struggling to respond to the demands of both work and family life
  • if you are overwhelmed by elder-parent or child care.

Attending a private intensive couples counseling Retreat will help you turn things around. Leaving work and family pressures behind — and the time restraints associated with weekly couples counseling — you will gain new insights, rediscover yourselves as partners, and begin to deepen your emotional connection.

As your husband-and-wife co-therapists, we will guide you gently through this process so that your relationship moves forward in a more positive direction, and you will find you can turn things around very quickly.

Who typically comes to an Intensive Couples Retreat?

We have worked successfully with both heterosexual and same-sex (both lesbian and gay) couples. Many have come to us when they were:

  • caught up in bitter arguing
  • hurt by infidelity
  • on the verge of divorce
  • hoping for reconciliation after separation, or
  • wanting an opportunity to rebuild their relationships with new knowledge and practical skills.

If you are having trouble communicating, if you long for more intimacy, if you want to be more united as parents, or if you dream of making a good relationship even better, our Couple Intensive Retreat will provide you with an exciting opportunity for relationship repair and enrichment.

Can a good relationship still be enriched?

You do not have to be at a crossroads in your relationship to benefit from a Couples or Marriage Retreat. Some couples come to the Retreat to enrich and enhance their emotional and sexual connection. Intensive couples counselling in a retreat format is particularly beneficial when couples have been together a long time, when one partner is undergoing a “mid-life crisis”, when both partners are stressed by caregiving in a sandwich generation, or when a couple is adjusting to life as empty nesters.

We are located in Caledon (13 minutes from Orangeville, Ontario), about 30 minutes from the Toronto International Airport.  The convenience of our location has allowed couples to visit us from all over North America: from as far east in Canada as Newfoundland, to as far west as Vancouver Island; from nearby Ottawa and Kingston, Toronto and the GTA, Stratford, London, Oakville, Burlington, Guelph and Brampton; and, from Sudbury, North Bay, Barrie and Orillia to the north.

Clients from all over the USA have flown here to benefit from our husband-and-wife marriage and couples co-therapy approach. We can provide you with a list of client testimonials at your request, if you would like to read about the benefits of intensive couples counselling — and how it has enriched the lives of many of our clients.

Separation and reconciliation – what are the possibilities?

If you are about to separate, or have already separated, but you are considering reconciliation, and you would like to find a way to stay together, our Couples Retreat will be the best way to help you begin the healing process. You will learn how to begin life together anew from a healthier, calmer, and more knowledgeable perspective.

If you are in the throws of divorce or separation, we will help you with the challenging process of moving forward – with kindness and mutual respect. This is particularly important if you have children. You will want to be able to convey to them the love and security that they still need.

What can you expect from our Couple Intensive Retreat?

Our private and intensive Couple Retreat is just for the two of you. It is not a group experience. Think of it as intensive therapy, designed specifically to address your particular needs. You can arrange your Retreat on a weekend or on weekdays.

During the three days of your Couples Retreat, you will explore concrete ways to give your relationship a new lease on life. You will practice new skills to help resolve conflicts. You will learn to respect each other’s differences, and you will develop more tolerance and acceptance of each other’s needs. You will be surprised at how quickly you will regain a sense of purpose, revitalize your friendship, and develop a new interest in the relationship.

At our Intensive Couples Retreat, you will learn to:

  • take risks to be more open and honest
  • rebuild trust
  • move beyond feelings of anger and resentment
  • stop blaming your partner
  • reconnect on a sexual/emotional level
  • rekindle your capacity for intimacy
  • feel empowered by loving unconditionally

Here’s what happens during our Intensive Retreat

Being away from the everyday responsibilities of work and family life will give you the space and time to experience a deeper level of connection. Our focus will be on helping each of you explore the dynamic that is unique to your relationship. We will help you understand more about yourselves as individuals, we will help you appreciate your common values, and come to terms with the differences in your feelings, thoughts and world views.

As your couples co-therapists, we will listen to what you each have to say. But if you are expecting either of us to take your side only, you will soon realize that we are on both your sides. We will listen without judgment and encourage you to do the same.

With new understandings, you will be able to work as a united team to create the life you have always wanted to have together. You will be more hopeful, more caring and more respectful of each other’s needs. You will have a deeper understanding of what it takes to be in an emotionally committed relationship. And you will begin to develop a greater capacity to handle disagreements, knowing that neither of you is right nor wrong. The Retreat will help you experience more emotional intimacy and a deeper sense of connection, which will inevitably lead to a more satisfying sexual life for you both.

During your intensive Couple Retreat, you will meet with us for up to four hours each day. Most clients find that these sessions go by very quickly. The remainder of the day will give you an opportunity to spend time together as actively or as quietly as you like. But we will encourage you to spend it together, and to continue the process that you have begun with us in the sessions. The Retreat is booked according to your convenience and our availability. If you are able to come midweek, you may have more choices, as the weekends tend to fill up more quickly.


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